Manual Yeatss Nations: Gender, Class, and Irishness

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Yeats's Nations: Gender, Class and Irishness. Cambridge University Press, University of Chicago Press, Harvester, The Collected Works of W. Yeats, Vol. Richard J.

Yeats and Mysticism (In Our Time)

Scribner, Martin Marty Center. A Poem for the Election.

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Author Martin E. Marty November 14, If Yeats began his career with the conviction that a cultural revival could reinvigorate or perhaps even replace the Home Rule political movement, his writings after the Irish Free State came into existence are much more politically critical and almost disengaged.

What were the shifts in both nationalist politics and Yeats' aesthetic and political philosophy that made the nationalist poet of the Literary Revival the skeptical poet of Irish modernism? I wish in particular to look at Edward Said's argument, that Yeats' decolonisation poetics was also and crucially broadly liberationist.

The Irish independence movement may have been broadly liberationist also, as David Lloyd has stressed, but the state that resulted was not—it was the state of a conservative counter-revolution.

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In what ways did the political developments in Ireland impact upon Yeats' poetry? How can a liberationist poet reconcile himself to his disappointment in the state that he had imagined and heralded.

The Postcolonial in the Postnational

Where precisely does a cultural movement that allies itself with a political cause diverge from that cause?