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Vikings: Nordic Roleplaying for Runequest

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Posted May 6, Other settings we publish will get their own tailored rules. Don't feel so bad. Posted May 7, Posted May 7, edited. I know the CoC system fairly well, so won't be going into the system completely blind, but what do I need to know about the RuneQuest Vikings system? Common pitfalls? Runequest Vikings is a great product for a fantastic game.

Vikings - Runequest - Noble Knight Games

BUT, the magic system in inherited from core Runequest is really inappropriate to the setting. Runequest assumes that everyone knows magic. I mean everyone.

RuneQuest RPG - First Impressions!

When you are gaming in Glorantha, it is a fun, flavorful part of the setting and makes all characters and NPCs interesting. But, it doesn't translate to other settings, especially pseudo-historical earth.

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Lars Dangly said:. Preterite No Future Validated User. I was just checking the Mongoose website to see if they had done anything new with Fantasy Earth and came across this thread. But yeah, rstites makes some excellent points. When I first tried RuneQuest, I also had a hard time with magic being available to everyone. Then I noticed all the little rituals my players had involving their dice. As far as must-have spells, I'd recommend Protection or a similar "armoring" spell to help avoid your character becoming a legless wonder. Ficino Rascally Rabbit Validated User.

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Good fun as I recall it. On the magic issue, I'd agree that there is nothing wrong with Vikings having access to some magic--not the flashy fireball variety, but then RQ doesn't head in that direction for the most part. It would have been nice if RQ Vikings had tweaked the basic magic system a bit more to give it more Norse flavor, though. SW Shrink Wrapped. Mint Perfect.

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Vikings RuneQuest 3rd Edition

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