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What a Travesty! The 5 Most Misused English Words. June 26, by Ofer Tirosh. Thank you!

Jo Johnson: 'Democratic travesty' not to have another Brexit vote

Your comment will be published as soon as possible. Gary People love the word "literally". It's used to describe things that could not be taken figuratively or have no figurative counterpart.

Floyd Dude, the English language is always changing. Travesty can be used interchangeably tragedy now, okay?

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Charles Dickens literally used the word 'literally' in a figurative connotation in his book Nicholas Nickleby! How is everyone okay with words like ''selfie and 'dab' being socially acceptable to insert into conversation but not word definitions being twisted a bit to fit the modern world?

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Now I do admit that homophones like 'your' and 'you're' are misused in writing, but with the would constantly shifting and changing, just accept the fact that old words gain new meaning over the passage of time. Non native English speaker.


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travesty - Russian translation - English-Russian dictionary

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