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Two centuries later, one of the most unusual and important warrior queens of history--Queen Mandhuhai--arose to avenge the wrongs, rescue the tattered shreds of the Mongol Empire, and restore order to a shattered world. She led her soldiers through victory after victory. In her thirties she married a seventeen-year-old prince, and she bore eight children in the midst of a career spent fighting the Ming Dynasty of China on one side and a series of Muslim warlords on the other.

Her unprecedented success on the battlefield provoked the Chinese into the most frantic and expensive phase of wall building in history. Charging into battle even while pregnant, she fought to reassemble the Mongol Nation of Genghis Khan and to preserve it for her own children to rule in peace. Despite their mystery and the efforts to erase them from our collective memory, the deeds of these Mongol queens inspired great artists from Chaucer and Milton to Goethe and Puccini.

And so their stories live on today. About The Author. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. Weatherford, an anthropologist, clearly explains the complexities of Mongol culture and politics, showing how they affected everything from family life to waging war.

That culture respected women; Genghis Khan's personal respect for them enabled him to achieve far more than he could have with men alone. While Manduhai the Wise has always been a folk hero to the Mongols, few records about her survive. Weatherford had to piece together her story from many sources. A remarkable story it is -- an empire built by a brutal genius who respected his wives and daughters, lost by his wastrel sons, and regained two centuries later by a brave young woman and the old khan's last descendant.


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Genghis Khan: Put women in charge. Marriage as a military assignment Genghis Khan adopted a policy of strategic marriages. Destroying Genghis's legacy The Mongol Empire began to fall apart into quarrelling provinces, but rulers always had to be of the Borijin family of Genghis Khan. Send this article to:. Your email address:. Your message:. Would you like to receive The Tyee's headlines free by email? Yes, every day. Yes, once a week. Yes, once a week, national news only. I already subscribe.