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Gianni Barbiero. Kim Koowon. Andrea Weiss. Paul S Evans. Yohanan A. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description This is the first detailed study that critically compares and contrasts the wisdom sentences of the Book of Proverbs with classical and post-classical Arabic proverbs; reference is also made to current Arabic proverbs.

The wisdom tradition of Solomon is examined and is compared to that of the Arab sage Luqman. The book deals with three main themes that are of special significance both in the Book of Proverbs and in Arabic proverbial works: royalty, speech and silence, wealth and poverty.

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The book concludes with a study of some form-critical and traditio-historical aspects of the treated proverbs. Hundreds of classical Arabic proverbs and wisdom sayings of Prophet Muh ammad appear for the first time in English. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Thus, while it is possible although far from certain that conversational use of proverbs by Western-educated young Arabs has decreased, these same individuals remain passive and possibly active bearers of proverbs as folkloric items and active bearers of colloquial proverbs as literary devices.

In addition, because a large proportion of the overall population remains illiterate, proverbs are both viable and vital in contemporary Arab societies. Finally, there are several speech forms in Arabic which, in native generic terms, differ one from another and have usually been studied separately. They are in many ways similar, however, and bear investigation as related phenomena.

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Brockelman observes that "Proverbs excited the interest of the learned from the very beginning of Arabic literature; historians and philologists emulated one another in collecting and explaining them" c During the early period of Islamic expansionism, as the rapidly growing empire subsumed many areas and peoples of the East, an active school of Arab philologists sought to preserve the verbal heritage and protect the language from non-Arabic influences by recording what they could of ancient usage, including proverbs and related forms of expression.

In fact, almost all the noted philologists devoted special works to proverbs Brockelman, c The result was an extensive literature on Classical Arabic proverbs, probably running to hundreds of volumes and containing much vital information on pre-Islamic Arab culture as well as proverb texts Goldziher, ; Nicholson, Ibn Salamah, who died sometime in the second century of the Hijra, was a Kufan philologist and an authority on pre-Islamic poetry.

His work on proverbs, one of the best known collections of Classical Arabic proverbs, was among his many works on a variety of subjects Lichtenstadter, ; Goldziher, Abu 'Ubayd al-Qasim b. Sallam al-Harawi, a philologist, jurist and theologian born in Heart in C. Hamza al-Isfahani's 10th century collection survives in manuscript form.

Georg Wilhelm Freytag’s Latin Compendium Of Arabic Proverbs

This collection deals with proverbs in the afa'lu min verbal form and was used extensively by later writers; it was, for example, "copied word for word by al-Maidani for the corresponding section of his book" Brockelman c Al-Askari's Jamharat al-Amthal Collection of Proverbs , printed posthumously in Bombay in , dealt more comprehensively with the classical proverbs than did the collections of his predecessors Brockelman, a; Goldziher, ; it was the first attempt to annotate each proverb from the philological and historical point of view, excluding all post-classical material, to which al-Isfahani had allotted considerable space Brockelman, c Muhammad al-Maydani, another philologist.

Al-Maydani, who died October 27, , gathered together material collected by his forerunners and "expanded each section by an appendix on modern proverbs" Brockelman, c Al-Maydani's Kitab, still extant in several manuscripts and regarded as a standard book on Arabic proverbs, appeared in two volumes, and offers material on "ancient Arabic household words and proverbs, with very important explanatory notes on poetry" Brockelman, c; Goldziher, ; cf.

Brockelman, b With an introduction and explanatory notes. Revised 2nd ed. After Monuments in Cairo. Illustrated in colour throughout. Later black cloth hardcovers. Text completely in Ara Ahmedis Arabsiadae. Leeuwarden, H.

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A modern arabic biography of Muhammad: a crit. Haykal's Hayat Muhammad. Arabic grammar in its formative age. Leiden Brill IV pp. VAN Beyond the line. Classical Arabic literary critics on the coherence and unity of the poem. VIII pp. Legal and documentary Arabic reader : with explanatory notes, exercises, vocabularies and model answers.

Volume 1. Leiden : E.

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Brill, Arabic text with english translation. Conditie: goed. Alleen verzending - Mailorder only.

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The Kitab Naqd al-sir. Arabic text ed.


Leiden Leiden, XI, pp.