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Her audience included both adults and children. She also released many of her earlier works under the name, A. To do so, she simply reflected back on to her childhood with her sisters. In , Alcott published her most popular work , Little Women. The novel was published in a series of short stories, but was eventually compiled into one book. Little Women was an instant success and the book cemented Alcott as one of the foremost novelist of the 19 th and early 20 th century. In , with one successful book, Alcott moved to Europe with her sister May.

There she published, another classic Little Men. She was also the first woman to register to vote in Concord, Connecticut. Alcott never married nor had any children, however, when her sister died, she adopted her niece. Afterwards she moved to Boston, Massachusetts and continued publishing more works that followed the characters from Little Women.

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Alcott suffered from bouts of illness throughout her life. She attributed her poor health to mercury poisoning which she believed she contracted while she worked as a nurse during the Civil War. In , she died at the age of 56 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Louisa May Alcott: her life, her times and her literature

MLA — Norwood, Arlisha. National Women's History Museum, Date accessed. Chicago- Norwood, Arlisha. This particular edition should also be of interest to scholars and teachers because of the extensive bibliography of secondary works which Bedell has included, and also, because of the text itself. The publishers used as their source two of the earliest editions of the two volumes of Little Women , complete with "the original language, except for a few glaring printer's errors.

Alcott was notorious for her eccentric spelling and her later editing of uncomplimentary, yet often revealing, sentiments. This edition reveals what she really wrote she admitted to revising the first draft hardly at all. It should become the standard edition for use in scholarship and in classrooms. Marsella's book examines a series of short stories which Alcott collected into individual volumes for publication throughout her career as a children's author.

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The series, Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag , reveals much about Alcott's creed of work, love, and hope, and about her choice of characters, women and children. Marsella's examination of the stories reveals both the stories' literary merits and their relevance to the more well-known works in the Alcott canon. Occasionally, though not often enough, Marsella brings in Alcott's adult works for comparison. And, contrary to the subtitle, and author does not consider all of Alcott's short stories, nor even all the short stories for children. The book is certainly important in its pioneering examination of the Scrap-Bag; but to ignore other series of Alcott's short stories, such as Lulu's Library and Alcott's singularly accomplished volume, A Garland for Girls , is a serious omission.

Marsella's first chapter, which examines American children's literature from its earliest manifestations to Alcott's time, yields nothing that scholars are not already familiar with; the chapter might better have been replaced with a more comprehensive examination of all of Alcott's short stories for children.

But the book is still an important contribution to Alcott scholarship, and is especially strong in its thematic examination of the stories and its placement of each of the stories within the context of the children's magazines where they originally appeared before Alcott collected them into individual volumes. Billiken collection began to be edited in the forties, but Good Wives was published in , I could not find traces of previous editions.

In general, girls received the novel as a birthday present and remained in their memories for ever. In the afternoons, during the siesta, it was great to lie down under the apple trees the fruit were still green and read while eating the apples. It was one of the few gifts my father gave me. When I remember the book it brings me these very pleasant sensations, I think that it was this book that woke up in me the desire to read more and more.

Little Women (Knickerbocker Classic)

Two hundred persons answered an inquiry with many questions about having read LW. Almost half of the people participating the inquiry included few men remembered Laurie, his grandfather, their friendship and his love for Jo. A large percentage felt identified with Jo and wanted to be writers like her. Many women appreciated her commitment, strength, courage and audacity. The themes of patriarchy, matriarchy and values were also mentioned. The answers to one of the questions illustrate that readers appreciate the courage and the significant position of women in the book considering it a feminist story.

These answers also show that Little Women symbolize a memory, a reminiscence of childhood, a sweet and pleasant feeling, a joyful experience.

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Argentinian Writers Graciela Montes, a writer of stories for children, winner of many significant awards as the National Prize of Literature in Argentina, admits that she has read Alcott, and Little Women in particular and it has influenced her writings as an adult. Silvia Plager, declares that she read Alcott when she was nine, and reread her many times.

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Her favorite character is Jo. She has three sisters, this fact made it easier to relate her life to LW. She thanks Jo to guide her the profession. Laura Alcoba is Argentinian, daughter of a couple that were assassinated during the last military dictatorship.

She lives in France and also recognizes Jo as her first and most important influence. Vera Giacconi is Uruguayan. She was given the book as a present. She remembers she wanted to be Jo, to take her own decisions. New York: Noonday Press, Little Women. Penguin Popular Classics. Alcott, Louisa May Orig.

Good Wives. Douglas, Ann Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. New York: Penguin.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Greene, C. Louisa May: A Modern Biography. Showalter, Elaine. Sister Choice.