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Citations Publications citing this paper. Integrated short-term staffing and long-term resource action planning for services projects Lianjun An , Dharmashankar Subramanian. Optimizing organizational design in complex service delivery systems Yixin Diao , Gargi Dasgupta. Workforce planning and facility utilization using a two-stage stochastic recourse approach Anirudha R. References Publications referenced by this paper. Applying supply chain optimization techniques to workforce planning problems Donna L. Gresh , Daniel P. Connors , John P.

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Fasano , Robert J. Further analysis is available to close and identify any talent gaps and evaluate against costs to the organization. Vanguard Predictive Planning, an Integrated Business Planning IBP platform, for workforce planning helps organizations put in place hiring and workforce development practices that best support long-term strategic business goals. This requires a thorough and data-supported understanding — both quantitative and qualitative — of current and projected talent needs. Vanguard Predictive Planning for workforce planning integrates with your HR or payroll system to bring live data into an easy-to-use interface.

HR and line-of-business hiring managers can automate what-if scenario planning and analyses, factoring workforce roles, experience, demographics, performance ratings, training, salaries, or whatever criteria are relevant. They can also engage in evidence-based approaches to workforce development, applying predictive analytics to various other data to more accurately predict and plan for future needs. Ultimately, enhanced planning and operations improve outcomes across human capital management initiatives:.

Vanguard consistently worked harder and provided more tangible, high-quality data and answers to questions than any other competitor. The ability to model and manage promotions or integrate with third-party promotion tools is a key differentiator of Vanguard Predictive Planning. With a robust set of techniques to model promotions, Vanguard Predictive Planning sets itself apart. Master production scheduling Vanguard Predictive Planning creates the optimal schedule for production based on rules and constraints. AI engine Vanguard Predictive Planning leverages artificial intelligence in multiple aspects of the platform, including forecast method selection, demand prediction and pattern detection, and automation of tasks.

Demand profiles Forecast automation and accuracy plus optimized inventory and operations increase profits and profitability by reducing stockouts, lost sales, emergency orders, and labor and customer acquisition costs. Automatic detection Vanguard Predictive Planning automatically detects and excludes outliers from the forecast. Advanced workflows Workflows are the backbones of every supply chain plan. Exception-based planning More mature supply chains manage by exception; Vanguard Predictive Planning enables extensive exception-based processes.

BI and dashboards There is no need for a third-party BI solution. Vanguard Predictive Planning includes robust reporting and dashboard capabilities. End-to-end planning Vanguard Predictive Planning is an integrated business planning platform that provides organizations with true end-to-end planning and visibility.

Collaboration Hub Vanguard Predictive Planning comes with an industry-leading collaboration portal, which enables organizations to never again have siloed planning or limitations to who can collaborate. Machine learning Vanguard Predictive Planning leverages machine learning algorithms as part of its artificial intelligence capabilities. Demand sensing Vanguard Predictive Planning includes proprietary forecasting methods for near real-time forecasts.

Real-time analytics With a unified data model, Vanguard Predictive Planning delivers analytics in real-time as soon as any changes occur to the plan or data. Additionally, users can set alerts to be notified of such changes. In memory what-if analysis With support for millions of SKUs, Vanguard users can forecast instantly for any number of products and scenarios.

Move past single-threaded what-if scenario planning to true simulation. Monte Carlo simulation lets you instantly run hundreds or thousands of scenarios with a range of variables.

Plan based on probabilities and improve forecast confidence intervals using Monte Carlo simulation. Market-leading statistical forecasting Part of the value supply chain planning software brings to organizations is a library of forecasting methods. Vanguard Predictive Planning is the most robust on the market, providing users with the most accurate results.

Top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out forecasting Regardless of how your organization generates forecasts, Vanguard Predictive Planning supports it all. Collaborative forecasting Collaborative planning and forecasting enhances supply chain integration. The digital era provides a vast array of mobile workforce management technologies as well as complementary technologies; this is daunting but also an opportunity. Millennials working in your organization, long used to working with mobile tools, AR in video games and social media, may have some great ideas.

A good structure to use is to start with the desired customer outcome and then work backwards. That way, all the technology, all the field employee training and all the resource deployment will be focused on the same objectives.

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You need a partner. Engage a vendor that understands you, understands your ideas, and that can contribute to what is possible to provide opinions about what else you could do to optimize your communications strategy. Additionally, there are many field service solutions providers, so make sure you connect with one that understands mobile workforce management software and what it takes to actually manage a network.

Ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your options: Do they use tools like AI Artificial Intelligence , real-time analytics, social collaboration and true cloud? Even with highly intuitive technology, mobile workforce management technology is transformative. It often means huge change in how workers work and communicate internally and with customers - this can be a shock to employees. Get buy-in from senior management, win the hearts and minds of stakeholders with workshops, communicate to avoid rumors and provide training.

But also, so they truly feel part of the project and not just stuck out on the road, you should arrange face-to-face meetings to build trust and engender project ownership. For customer communications, these mobile workforce management technologies be game changing, especially those which empower them with digital, real time, self-service options to interacting with you. Choosing engineer time-slots, for instance, is akin to choosing a time for delivery from e-tailers — and far more convenient.

This is what they want from field service organizations today.

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The greatest corporate risk to change is due to a lack of mandate and therefore adoption. Making the move to mobile workforce management technology must be sensitively handled, and ideally different teams or regions are phased-in with employees trained on the new way of operating, and interacting with customers. Workflow communication is a great tool to help this process.

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Over time field-based employees will be working smarter, spending less time on administration and more time on the job in hand, improving productivity and boosting their own sense of achievement. Powerful mobile workforce management technology can help you measure and model multiple aspects of scheduling, of employed or contracted labor resources, based on customer outcome metrics. As well as digital tracking, engage with employees. The relentless search for improvement will help your services stand out from the crowd. This is true for employees and customers.

Workers are the face of your brand and communicating with them in the right way will keep them happy and engaged. Your customers will notice. What features to look for in a workforce management software solution. And why they are important. Consumer engagement is critical to faster service and the best field service experiences.

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It is also critical for the solution to provide a single, accessible repository for diagnostic data, triage information from the customer or connected equipment, service history, asset information that is easily available for both the customer and the technician. Likewise, the solution should offer customers the ability to do more online, such as registering product purchases, buying additional products and services, and posting reviews of the service experience.

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Consumers can research purchases and buy online, right now. Their expectations for service post-sale is exactly the same, and they also want their service experience to be ideally such that they want to buy more from the product or service brand. The best workforce management solutions easily engage consumers where when and how they desire with the service contract provider. Field service personnel, including technicians, insurance adjusters, installers, delivery personnel- the face of the post-sale experience. As service industry employees, it is in their very nature to want to do well by your customers, to be faster and smarter at their jobs, so that they can delight every customer and walk away feeling accomplished.

Enable them with robst, end-to-end workforce management software which enables them to guarantee more equipment up-time and better first time resolution rates. Customer engagement software provides an end-to-end digital experience. Artificial Intelligence-based scheduling software automatically positions techs for success, selecting the best resource for every job, and scheduling shorter, realistic service windows that techs can achieve, making service delivery faster for consumers.

IoT integration revolutionizes the service model, allowing field techs to proactively service and maintain products before they fail, and predicting future service requirements such that service contracts can be used to extend product lifecycles beyond the traditional break-fix model. Mobile workforce management software with access to assets, inventory, service history, information and expert resources makes techs smarter at every appointment, armed to resolve issues through personalized service delivery, and adding value for consumers through additional services which improve the long term value of every product.

Look for mobile workforce management software solutions which best enable your field technicians to deliver great customer experiences. Leading mobile workforce management software sets the stage for faster, smarter service delivery that provides solid operational visibility and efficiencies, with a Unified - and integrated - platform.